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Mind & Brain - Introduction

Research for the only non-contradictory mind and brain model. When this research is applied it helps people to intentionally flow!

Mind & Brain - Introduction

Flowcess is the individual's unique process for Flow.

Flow is the optimal consciousness. It is one of the few times all five pleasure chemicals are experienced at the same time. I'm sure you can think of another time, however, when people are able to Flow INDEFINITELY.

Flow illuminates the way to happiness.

When we help people intentionally Flow and achieve happiness, the first two questions we get are:

How do you know this?

Why doesn't anyone else know this?

Hi, I'm John Lenhart, and the reason is due to my twenty-eight years of brain research.

This blog shares just a portion of this research to prove our brain works the OPPOSITE of what experts believe!

The research is presented in four posts:

  1. Habituation and Adaptation

  2. Happiness

  3. Strategies for Happiness

  4. Behavioral Change

Here is the first post: Habituation and Adaptation