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Mr. Lenhart's Class

The students spend the first twelve episodes learning social connectivity skills and how to rehearse away their triggers. During the last eight episodes they learn how to prepare their brains for synaptic pruning by repairing negative emotions in their brain and acting according to their Uniqueness. All of this results in the students learning how to make and build friendships and then working together to Repair a bullying incident. It turns out more than half of these episodes directly teach steps recently identified as techniques to end Racism and Sexism. The key to repairing the world is your Uniqueness and not your job or your sex.


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Meet your Instuctors

  • John Lenhart
  • Jonathan Fries
John Lenhart

John Lenhart


John used his degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to create models resulting in the formulation and even creation of many consumer products, as well as being the youngest person to receive the Dow Chemical Central Research Inventor of the Year award. In addition to his patents, John has dozens of trade secrets involving how the human brain functions. Ultimately, he is focused on helping people Flow, which is not just the only thought process that isn't damaging; it has also been called "the essence of leadership." All of this allows John to Dissolve problems and create Generative results.

Jonathan Fries

Jonathan Fries


Jonathan Fries is a professional consultant with Flowcess specializing in leadership and executive development in the areas of business, education and athletics. Jonathan is an accomplished musician, writer and composer having toured throughout the US and Canada noting highlights such as playing for the X-Games in Aspen, CO and opening for five-time Grammy award winning Green Day before joining the Flowcess team.

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