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Online Course Business Professionals

Instant Impact | Business - Mental Wellness

Our flagship course breaks away from the ordinary consultant company rhetoric of old and gets down to the human components of leadership and culture. This course is designed to help you be a leader of people.

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What you'll learn:

  • Steps to dissolve the most common and challenging mental wellness blockers
  • How you uniquely overcome trauma, burnout, depression, and anxiety for good
  • Discover who you are intrinsically to live authentically
  • Determine how you intentionally gain energy to build a happy, healthy future
  • Tools to help those around you overcome their mental wellness hurdles

This online course includes:

  • Industry leading, neuroscience-based mental wellness online course
  • Personalized mental wellness action plan
  • Three hours of self-paced on-demand videos

Meet your Instuctor

Molly Hildebrandt

Molly Hildebrandt


Molly Hildebrandt is an internationally certified trainer in Leadership Development. She has years of experience designing, developing, and implementing tailored leadership plus professional development programs for individuals and organizations. She specializes in helping leaders discover how to dissolve personal and corporate challenges. Molly is known for her dynamic and powerful presentations, combining revelatory ideas with practical life-changing applications.

Course Breakdown

  • Course Introduction
  • Section 1 - From Stressed Out to Resilient
  • Section 2 – Mental Health and Healthy Communication
  • Section 3 – Embracing Your Uniqueness
  • Section 4 – Influencing Others
  • Course Conclusion