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Using our proprietary mind and brain model, we help people learn their uniqueness and how their brain works so that they can live a life of flow and generativity.

Step 1. Unlock your uniqueness

The first step to living a life of flow and generativity is to intentionally be your unique self. Your unique self never changes regardless of your circumstances or your age. We call this your Intangible Driver®.

Take our short quiz below to identify your Intangible Driver!

Step 2. Understand your brain

Now that you have discovered your unique self, it is time to strengthen your mental resiliency and develop your unique process for flow!

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What is a "Vitamin C" Dissolution?

We all face challenges in our lives, and oftentimes our approach creates more problems in the end. There are four ways to approach a problem, and only one will lead to a life of generativity. This approach is what we call a dissolution. Below, you will find a brief description of the four ways to approach a problem. If you want a deeper understanding, check out our research.

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Address the intangible causes. When it comes to people, the only healthy way to address an issue is to dissolve it. We call this a Vitamin C dissolution.


Treat the tangible causes. Solve works great for machines! However, when applied to people, it creates three more problems!


Treat the symptoms. Resolve works by punishing or rewarding a behavior. This works great for training animals.


Ignore the problem; maybe it will go away. We all know this doesn't work.

Looking to bring Flowcess into your organization?

We consider ourselves the people experts! We focus on dissolving problems and can adjust to any situation or person. Our programs are adjustable to fit the needs of your organization and will promote your brand.

We would love to help your school, business, or sports team!


We do not teach educators how to teach. We help educators develop their unique process for flow, which eliminates burnout! This approach gives educators the energy and tools needed to help the students; resulting in fewer behavioral issues, supercharged learning, and a generative classroom.

Business Professionals

When employees lack energy, they take energy from their coworkers and blame the company's culture. Employees who flow at work give energy, are more engaged, and produce better results. We help employers facilitate a culture of flow!


Athletic success depends on ability, conditioning, and mindset. We help coaches develop each athlete's unique process for flow as well as improve the team's ability to flow together. Flow is the ultimate mindset and results in higher levels of ability and conditioning!

See what people are saying about Flowcess

Still feeling skeptical? That's okay! Check out what our clients are saying about us and the impact our programs have had on their schools, careers, teams, and most importantly, on their lives!

I'm a teacher by nature, I have an MBA and built two schools. I've never seen anything more effective in teaching teachers how to communicate with their students than the program and the thought process learning that happens at Flowcess.

Alan Scholl
Alan Scholl
Professional Speaker

It was my second year in college and I was on my ideal life path of becoming an officer in the United States Air Force when that life goal would suddenly come to a screeching halt after being medically disqualified. The following summer I discovered Flowess’ Instant Impact course. The course was energizing and the new information on how to live out my life with MORE completely blew my mind! I highly recommend the Flowcess Instant Impact course for educators and business professionals. It is the best investment I have made in my personal and professional development.

Domonique Vargas
Domonique Vargas
Lead Talent Consultant

I have gone from being completely drained and completely exhausted, can't get enough sleep, being fried by Friday, don't want to go to work on Monday to being bummed on Friday because I can't keep impacting my students. I am now excited to come in on Mondays! I end each day with more energy than started and come in jacked up ready to go the next day!

Don Allen
Don Allen
Middle School Teacher (EBD)

In my opinion, Flowcess is the leading resource on the market for organizations who don't just want to pay lip service when it comes to mental wellness, but who REALLY want to help their employees.

Dr. Elinor Harper
Dr. Elinor Harper

My strategy for success in life was to be more like the successful people I looked up to. While doing this would achieve short-term results, I would always crash in the long-term, feeling drained and depressed. Through Flowcess, I learned that I am a Server-Server and now am able to sustainably gain energy by intentionally growing more into my uniqueness.

Eric Wiese
Eric Wiese
Business Development Representative

When I was in college, I had a quarter life crisis. I threw all my energy at a career on Wall St. Despite being denied over and over and over again, I kept trying until COVID-19 slowed the world down. Finally having a moment to reflect, I questioned why, if this was what I wanted to do, why was I so miserable. Soon after, I was introduced to Flowcess. I learned to define the important words I use and learned who I was at a principle level. I learned how to flow, intentionally gain energy, and make progress forward in the right direction at full speed. Now, I’m able to make decisions in line with who I am and have the energy to do the things I want to do.

Isira Perera
Isira Perera
Business Development Associate

This information can be helpful for anybody! Anyone can take this information and benefit from it, and use it to remain healthy in their lives.

Junko Jacobs
Junko Jacobs
Director of Leadership and Learning

I have a big heart for the students. I knew a job in education, and as a counselor, has a high burnout. I didn't want to be one of the statistics of not being able to go the long haul. Flowcess equipped me with the tools I needed, not only to stay the long haul, and to have energy doing it! These tools allow me to care for the students more than ever!

Patty Dempsey
Patty Dempsey
School Counselor (EBD)

I think teaching teachers how to teach is the wrong strategy. What I hear from teachers isn't that they're having a hard time with how to teach math. What I hear from teachers in terms of their frustration is that they're struggling with a student's behavior. This is what Flowcess has to offer.

Sarah Newberry
Sarah Newberry
Director of Special Education