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Our engaging online courses & fun in-person
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Vitamin C Approach™

You’ve heard the saying, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” At Flowcess®, our goal isn’t to solve your problems, it is to give you the ability to dissolve them. Our proprietary model of how the mind and brain works allows us to bring you a dynamic four-step process that we call the Vitamin C Approach™.

1. Collaborative

Make every conversation a classroom win! Facilitate healthy interactions and prevent arguments with these simple guidelines.

2. Discover
Your Uniqueness

Deeply know yourself and others! Connect with your students on a game-changing level through our model for uniqueness.

3. Build

Be someone to rely on! Tap into your greatest strength by finding out how the mind and brain work.

4. Identify
Your Flowcess®

Experience your highest potential! Discover self-fulfillment and unlimited energy as you live your unique process for Flow; what we call your Flowcess®

Online Course

Instant Impact is our online course designed for teachers. In it, you will get to experience all the steps in our Vitamin C Approach™.

Are you ready to have more energy and be happier?

Instant Impact | Teachers

How would you like to begin and end the school year with more energy? Instant Impact provides the best professional development coaching available so that educators Flow throughout the year.

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Instant Impact | Uniqueness

In order to be your most confident and impactful self, let’s discover who you are. Learning your Intangible Driver® will light the path to the unique impact you want to have on the world and how you look to accomplish that goal.

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Instant Impact | Parents

Become a stronger, healthier, and happier family unit as a result of learning trade secrets originally offered to teachers overseeing the most challenging environment: teaching a classroom of students who were so misunderstood that everyone had given up on them.

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Are You A School Administrator?

Are you a school administrator, principal, or superintendent looking to help your school? Flowcess® loves to help transform and train schools to Flow with our many program options. We would love to work with your team.

We Also work with businesses!

If you would like to understand how our Vitamin C Approach™ can work for you or your organization, please reach out and one of our sales staff will set up a free consultation.