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The Intangible You - Unmasking Your Uniqueness

The Intangible You - Unmasking Your Uniqueness: discover your uniqueness and the uniqueness of others. This ebook goes into an in-depth explanation of our Intangible Driver technology and helps individuals achieve happiness, fulfillment, self-esteem, and purpose by unlocking their authentic selves.


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What you'll learn:

  • How to identify your uniqueness & others'
  • How personality tests block your happiness
  • How to be heard and help others feel heard in any situation
  • How to make long-term connections with others
  • How to get more energy over time

The truth about personality tests

Every personality test is based on a model developed over 2000 years ago called "The Four Temperaments." The creator of that model said that everyone's behavior was a result of an imbalance: too much or too little blood, bile, black bile, or phlegm. Personality tests identify what you look like in a specific circumstance when you are unbalanced! Did you know that the word "personality" comes from the word "persona," meaning mask?

Do you want to unmask your uniqueness?

The Intangible Driver is who you ARE and can predict how much energy you gain or lose based on whether others respond to you in your uniqueness or not. We all know personality tests are not our authentic selves because they can change depending on our surroundings. Your Intangible Driver never changes.

Chapter Breakdown

  • Chapters 1 & 2
    • Explains the non-contradictory model for the mind and brain as well as the Intangible Drivers.
  • Chapters 3 - 9
    • Covers the seven Intangible Drivers from the perspective of people who possess that Intangible Driver.
  • Chapters 10
    • Show you how to determine the uniqueness of others.
  • Chapters 11 - 13
    • Shows how this information can lead to generativity! This is when trauma and destructive situations are repaired so that everyone ends up with more!