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Understanding Your Child

Join the thousands of parents who are learning trade secrets originally offered to teachers overseeing the most challenging environment: teaching a classroom of students who were so misunderstood that everyone had given up on them. With one success story after another, parents began begging for the same information the teachers were using so they could connect with their own children. NOW YOU CAN ACCESS THE SAME INFORMATION THOSE TEACHERS RECEIVED IN THIS ONLINE COURSE!

Learn your child's uniqueness!

What will you learn with the
full course?

  • How to identify your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your children
  • How to understand your thought process and your children’s thought process
  • How to move yourself to the only healthy thought process amongst external stressors
  • How to intentionally get more energy
  • How to build connections with your children
  • How to have healthier relationships with your children
  • How to immediately change your child’s behavior
  • How to motivate your child intrinsically
  • How to manage stress
  • How to manage trauma

Lesson 1: Communication

Healthy communication guidelines to maximize every interaction to improve emotion between the individuals communicating. When using healthy communication, you can increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

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Instant Impact - Emotional Intelligence

Lesson 2

Your Intangible Driver® is the first step to understanding yourself and your child. Different from personality tests that only teach about behaviors that change based on context, Intangible Driver® is who you are intrinsically; what impact they uniquely want to have on the world and how they look to accomplish that.

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  • Parent Discount: -$100
  • Final Price: $49/year
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Instant Impact - Resiliency & Flow

Lessons 1 - 8

Resiliency is when you successfully achieve and maintain a focused thought process in the face of distractions. Flow is the optimum state of consciousness. These lessons will help you to intentionally achieve a state of flow and achieve happiness based on your uniqueness.

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  • Final Price: $349
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Bonus Items

As an added bonus when you purchase the full course you will gain free access to our online support community with other parents around the world.

Available June 1st

  • Watch live video sessions from Flowcess® coaches with Q&A
  • Access to additional teachings, tips & tricks
  • Connect with other parents
Instant Impact - Resiliency & Flow

What others are saying?

Brett & Molly

Jake & Ashley

When I learned how the brain actually works, I realized I was hindering others. I wish I had this information years ago.

I have dramatically changed how I interact with students, peers, family and my own thought process. My wife says I’m a better husband now.

The education that I received from this training trumps my bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and any professional development course I remember taking. After 15 years of teaching, I feel that I understand students, and myself more than I ever have!