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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to see the world through the emotional and mental lens of another person's Uniqueness. All of this begins with the understanding that people are not animals and they are not robots. People are HUMAN, yet every approach to emotional intelligence appears to approach people as animals or robots!

Recently, John Lenhart and Colin Stevenson discussed how valuing the Uniqueness of others would Dissolve racism, while every other approach appears to be the cause of Racism (and Sexism). Here is the discussion:

If you REALLY want to end Racism and Sexism, then keep reading...

Respect Others

Respect means treating others how they want to be treated and the only way to do this is through healthy communication! Our Lesson One covers how to communicate in a way that helps others feel heard, understood, and respected! We also cover two aspects of Uniqueness: Picture Perspective and Processing Perspective. Lesson One takes less than a half an hour to watch and it is FREE!

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What Is Included In Lesson Two: Emotional Intelligence?

Lesson Two consists of eight videos. Seven of the videos cover each Intangible Driver® with the following sections:

  • Vitamin C
  • (Dis)Connections
  • Dissolve Tip
  • How vs. Why
  • Natural Contexts
  • Misunderstandings
  • Experiences

Diagnostic Tips

Diagnostic Tips is the eigth video included in Lesson Two: Emotional Intelligence and shows how to determine another person's Intangible Driver® with the following sections:

  • Assignment One
  • Past-Past, Future-Future
  • One Past, One Future
  • Tension and Release
  • Marriages
  • Assignment Two
  • Experiences

Lesson Two Excerpts

Diagnostic Tips - Perceiver

Diagnostic Tips - Exhorter

Instant Impact - Emotional Intelligence

Lesson Two

Your Intangible Driver® is the first step to understanding yourself and seeing others as Humans. Different from personality tests that only teach about behaviors that change based on context. Your Intangible Driver® is WHO YOU ARE intrinsically. It is also the impact others uniquely want to have on the world and how they look to accomplish that.

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Simon - Perceiver

Joel - Teacher

Ashley - Compassion

What others are saying

When I learned how the brain actually works, I realized I was hindering others. I wish I had this information years ago.

I have dramatically changed how I interact with students, peers, family and my own thought process. My wife says I’m a better husband now.

The education that I received from this training trumps my bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and any professional development course I remember taking. After 15 years of teaching, I feel that I understand students, and myself more than I ever have!

Addtional Resources

If you want further explanation for how to Dissolve Racism and Sexism, as well as why every other approach is the cause of Racism and Sexism, please check out the following links.